Created by life, not by a lab, Tara Walker's Dream is defined by nature and led by science.

Featuring more than 100 of the finest hand-selected natural botanicals and marine ingredients, this unique range of skincare harnesses the power of rare and exotic ingredients from around the globe to create powerful skin solutions.

The cornerstone of Tara Walker's Dream is the Rejuvenating Dream Serum® +100 Concentrate. Both a stand-alone serum and an ingredient in the five additional Tara's Walker's Dream products, this all-natural beauty elixir contains 109 antioxidant-rich active botanicals, essential oils and absolutes-and no pore-clogging oils, perfumes or chemical additives.

By nurturing the skin naturally, Tara Walker's Dream delivers softer, firmer, more luminous skin while diminishing signs of aging, redness, dryness and acne. This entire line of gentle yet potent offerings also help soothe skin that has been traumatized by sun exposure, environmental stress and laser treatments.